December 7, 2017 


The song, "Dear Guardian Angel", written by Betsy Walter, Vanessa Bransan & Kenny Lamb, has been selected as a NSAI TOP 40 song! 


Listen to the song at this link https://tinyurl.com/DearGuardianAngel-NSAI-Top-40 and click the Thumbs Up "LIKE" button if you like it! 

"Dear Guardian Angel" CREDITS: 

Lead Vocal - Vanessa Bransan 

Background Vocal - Betsy Walter 

Piano - Buddy Hyatt 

Synth Strings - Buddy Hyatt 

Written by Betsy Walter, Vanessa Bransan, Kenny Lamb 

Produced by Betsy Walter 

Recorded by Buddy Hyatt, Carson Weinand, Kevin Edlin 

Edited by Betsy Walter, Kevin Edlin, Derek Garten 

Mixed by Kevin Edlin 

The Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) TOP 40 songs https://www.nashvillesongwriters.com/nsai-top-40-0 are member compositions selected each quarter through staff picks and different services provided to active members. The services include: NSAI's Song Evaluation Service, Workshops, Online Pitch and Mentoring Sessions. 

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