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Guy Time
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by Betsy Walter & Vicki Hopper

You weren't lookin' but he caught your eye
He flashed a smile like lightning
Next thing you know you're talkin' all night
Seemed like the start of something

He wrote your number on a napkin and he said he'd call
Now you're starin' at the clock on the wall

Guy time at its worst
It's like dog years in reverse
Guy time can move so slow
Girl, you know better than to sit by the phone
Ain't no tellin'
Guy time
Guy time

Maybe he's been workin' day and night
Without a minute to spare
Could it be he's a little bit shy
He might be stranded somewhere

Maybe he's wanderin' through the desert or scared he'll fall in love
It may be all or none of the above


He might be waitin' 'til the moment is right
You might be waitin' for the rest of your life

Lyric Credits: Betsy Walter & Vicki Hopper
Music Credits: Betsy Walter & Vicki Hopper
Producer Credits: Betsy Walter
Performance Credits: VOCAL-Betsy Walter;BGV-Betsy Walter;TRACKS-Betsy Walter
Song Length: 2:48
Primary Genre: Country-Bluegrass
Secondary Genre: Country-Traditional